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The QBasic Wikia aims to provide information on the QBasic programming language.

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Pcopy #30 Released! Edit

   Copyright © Stéphane Richard (MystikShadows), E.K.Virtanen,
   and contributors, 2007. All rights reserved.

== Dove Pre-alpha release ==

 Dove OS is planned to be a real operating environment with a Linux kernel.
Right now it runs on Windows (would run on Linux if I had the compiler,) but
soon it will run on nothing but a Linux core. The GUI is revolutionary in it's look,
semi based on the glass look of early OSX and MS Vista, but it goes way
beyond that. All the graphics are extremely high resolution and fast.
The design of the GUI is supposed to give you immediate viewing ability of
everything by making everything made of glass, but also to focus
your attention at the task at hand by making the objects in the main window completely solid.
   The OS part of Dove has no scripting language and doesn't load and parse programs at all,
it simply sends them through the processor. Most (All) Qbasic and FreeBasic GUIs have
to parse a scripting language or have a virtual machine
which makes the programs run at best ten times slower than they could.
Dove doesn't do that, it runs through the processor at full speed with native machine language.
   All of the programs that will be written for Dove OS
by me will be written in FreeBasic. All of the programs require
a Dove header file to be loaded with it,
but there is a header file called Test Dove header
(you can see it in the Windows screenshot,)
that allows the programs to run under Windows as well.
That is the exact same program running under both platforms.
Almost all of FreeBasic's commands can be used in making a Dove program,
including the graphics ones. You can see an example of the source code in the Windows picture.
   Dove multi-tasks at machine level, you can 
see it running 2 programs plus the OS in the screenshot.
And oh yeah, any of the programs can be multi-threaded for
even better performance.

Get It HERE[1]

Marvelous Twilight released! Edit

February 09,2007

Download: Windows Version [2]

Our own entry to the Shmup-Dev Autofire Shooter Compo [3].

A 2 player manic-shooter in the likes of Strikers 1945, Dodon Patchi and a cute-em-up from the likes of Parodius and Harmful Park.


This game uses an original RFG system. (R)apid (F)ire (G)rowth. This system does not rely on power-ups that you can get by killing enemies. Instead you power up your fire power by continously pressing the fire key. The RFG meter will slowly go up when you press the fire button. As the meter levels up, your fire power will increase. Stop firing and your meter goes back to zero. Once you RFG meter reaches level 6, the RFG gauge will blink and your character will fire either the wave beam (Rhemi) or the Homing missiles(Teija). Having a full RFG meter would allow you to fire your special shots: Rhemi: "Jelly deflector". This acts as a shield and stops the enemies' bullets. It also deflects bullets to the enemies and damages them 3 times the original bullet energy. This also acts as a score multiplier. Teija: "Borken laser". This is a fast homing laser that damages enemies continously until the enemy dies or the laser looses energy. Also acts as a score multiplier. Destroys all active bullets on screen at an instant for defensive puposes.

Qbasic basics


QBasic, or QuickBasic, is a version of the Basic language by Microsoft that came before it's newer version, VisualBasic.Basic, although often refered as an acronym, realy didn't originally stand for anything other than the word basic. It's whats known as backronym.

BASIC now stands for "Beginners All-purpouse Symbolic Instruction Code".

The most popular version of QBasic is QB 4.5.

To learn more, or to add info to the database of information, head over to the Table Of Contents

Qbasic Links

Tutorials ==>Good tutorials on the basics, and some good ones on advanced topics such as 3D in QB. ==>A page with some a few beginer tutorials and some more advanced tutorials.

Programs ==>Qbinux, made with QuickBasic

Forums ==> Old QBASIC community forum. ==>Very nice forums, people are always willing to help with problems, as long as they are not home work questions.

General ==>A great QB site with a very active forum. ==>Has good news, when they update it. ==>Has LOADS of awesome downloads and demos. Good links here too. ==> A Nice site too with numerous downloads and tutorials ==> A really nice site with cool graphics.A site of real Qb Rpg Master. ==> A site for people interested in QB or FB GUIs.

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