Before you read, you might want to know this. When words are bold, then that means they are a word that you can find defined at the end of this article if you dont know what it means.

The Qbasic IDE is an user friendly IDE (or Intigrated Development Enviroment) designed for Qbasic by Microsoft. One thing people enjoy about the Qbasic IDE is the fact that it has real time debugging. This means that when you type somthing wrong, then the IDE will tell you right away. Some languages make you use a compiler, where you have to type out the whole program, compileit, and then try and figure out all of the bugs it tells you about.

There may be some words here you dont understand if you are new to programming, and so let me go over a few.

  • compiler

A compiler is a program that takes the code that you write and turns it into the code that computers understand, which is Bianary. (010000010). This is because most languages are High Level Languages.

  • High Level and Low Level Languages

A high level language